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The campaign "Savējais Savējiem!" (“Own to his own!”)

Informational campaign "Savējais savējiem!" was organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Welfare bringing up a new and important topic in Latvia - the social worker in the community. We held live and face-to-face expert discussions, creative think-tanks in Latvian municipalities and cities, involving communities of local residents, associations, local government deputies, social service workers, etc. As part of the campaign, there are also documentary video stories about the work done by community social workers in Daugavpils, as well as in Ādaži and Tukuma counties.  

September - November, 2023

Workshops and conference of the "PuMPuRS" project

In the framework of the "PuMPuRS" project, a series of activities was implemented in 2023 - 40 Latvian municipalities did a great job working on the early school dropout prevention system and implementation plan. In order to reduce the number of students who drop out of school due to various difficulties in the future, our agency had the opportunity to organize experience exchange workshops in the regions of Latvia and also the final conference "Through cooperation to success" with the participation of international lecturers.

April - October, 2023

Campaign "Take off your rose-tinted glasses!"

The campaign “Take off your rose-tinted glasses!” was organized in cooperation with the Latvian Association of Gynecologists and Obstetricians, Latvian Association of Oncologists and patient organizations: Oncological Patient Support Association Tree of Life, volunteer association VITA, Pink Train Foundation and Vēzis ir izārstējams (Cancer Is Curable). During the campaign, we were looking for answers to why women in Latvia avoid breast cancer screening.

May, 2023

Campaign “Join the Sun Guard”

The campaign “Join the Sun Guard” was organized in cooperation with the melanoma patients’ support association Step Ahead of Melanoma. We organized an event at Āgenskalns Market to offer advice on skin health and suspicious skin lesions, we also launched extensive information campaigns in traditional and social media, as well as organized seminars for professionals. We would like to thank members of the RSU Dermatovenerology Research Group and LU residents, designer Sanda Ezeriņa, headwear workshop Cepuru Darbnīca, optometrists from OC VISION, as well as advisors from BIODERMA, and Eucerin Latvija for their support.

May, 2023

Campaign "Cancer treatment 2023. We demand stable and secure financing!"

Campaign "Cancer treatment 2023. We demand stable and secure financing!" The campaign “Cancer treatment 2023. We demand stable and secure financing!” was organized in cooperation with the Latvian Association of Cancer Patient Organizations Onkoalianse. During the campaign, we called on decision-makers to ensure that the funding necessary for cancer treatment is allocated from the national budget.

December, 2022 - January, 2023

The campaign "Use the power of your heart!"

The campaign "Use the power of your heart!" was organized in cooperation with the patient organization and the RSU Institute of Public Health. We performed a health heart check on the newly elected Saeima members. Following that, we assessed their willingness to work wholeheartedly for the good of the people by drawing their attention to the alarming prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and the need for a clear action plan to reduce cardiovascular mortality in the coming years.

November 9, 2023

Conference "Building a family-friendly society together"

Organization of the conference "Building a family-friendly society together", selection and recruitment of speakers, generating publicity, development of video materials.

Client: Society Integration Foundation

April, 2023



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